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4. Backup Your Account

Backing up your account is crucially important. Unlike other note-taking apps, NOTE.SV utilizes blockchain encryption logic for its account system.

We strongly recommend users to backup their accounts immediately after creating them, in case of unexpected circumstances.

To backup your account:

  1. Open NOTE.SV and navigate to the "Account" tab. Then click on "Backup".

add record 1

  1. In the authentication window that pops up, enter your password, or use face/fingerprint recognition for verification.

add record 2

  1. The page will display the mnemonic words used for backing up your account.

Record them accurately and store them securely. These mnemonic words will be used to restore your account in the future.

After recording them, click "Verify" to proceed to the next step.

select add password

  1. Enter the mnemonic word verification page.

Select and arrange the mnemonic words you recorded in the correct order as prompted.

input password

  1. Once verification is successful, a page confirming the backup success will appear.

Reminder: Please ensure that you store the recorded mnemonic words securely. Do not lose or disclose them.

show password